Hair Loss Treatments 

What is a scalp treatment?  Each weekly session includes a scalp massage and treatment mask targeting your specific needs using holistic ingredients,  a hair and scalp bath with proper cleanser, hair conditioning mask, therapeutic scalp serum applied and a blowdry style finish. 

How long is a treatment visit?  Plan on about 45 minutes for each weekly visit.  

What ingredients are in the treatments?  
Helichrysum is a natural medicinal plant which is known as “The Everlasting Flower” or “Immortelle” because of its rejuvenating and restorative benefits to the skin.  It is also proven to be an anti inflammatory, anti allergen, and anti microbial.   
Xanthoxylum is an ancient Chinese botanical that provides immediate relief from irritation and sensitivity.
 Buddleja Davidii Plant (aka “Butterfly Bush”) Stem Cells prevent aging and help to reproduce hair follicle cells!  This is amazing new technology!  The treatments offer a revitalizing, herbal aroma because they are formulated with only pure, steam-distilled essential oils.
Dynagen™, extracted from yeast, stimulates the formation of keratin and collagen during the crucial Anagen phase of new growth. 
Ethical Teak proven to increase follicular activity for hair growth, similar to Minoxidil, without toxicity side effects.  Strengthens hair for noticeable increase in achieved growth length.  


Why offer scalp treatments?  I'm committed to the wellness and happiness of all my clients.  Fine, thin or thinning hair affects men and women of all ages.  I've researched the OWay holistic system, heard stylist testimonials and seen pictures of real people getting results from these treatments!  So, of course, I want them for you!

Who should purchase a scalp treatment package?  Healthy hair requires a healthy scalp.  Much like a garden needs nutrients in the soil, the scalp must be balanced and healthy for hair to grow.   Anyone concerned about thin, fragile hair, hair thinning or hair loss may benefit from a series of treatments. * 

What is the cost ?  Treatments are available in six (6) week packages, priced at $45 per weekly treatment. *Included in the package price is an 8 oz microstimulating hair bath for home.  

How do I purchase a treatment package?  Please schedule a complimentary Consultation appointment to discuss your needs, ask me any questions you have, see photos of actual clients, purchase your package and schedule your weekly visits.  

More information:

  *Individual results can vary, depending on other contributors.  Optimum results have a
   recommendation for 10-15 weekly treatments.  
 **6 weeks should improve the texture and condition of the scalp for healthier hair.   
***Additional treatments may be needed to encourage new hair growth.